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  • 9 Inch to Launch, Metamask Pulled From The Apple Play Store, Bitcoin Holding The Line!

9 Inch to Launch, Metamask Pulled From The Apple Play Store, Bitcoin Holding The Line!

Do You Think We Are Still In The Depths of a Bear Market?

Finally, 9INCH is Here!

The wait is almost over, my favorite project on Pulsechain is launching soon. Cheers to Single-Sided Stakes, Limit Orders, and Pools! Here is the Tweet from the man himself, Hexy Bastard.

I know the wait has been grueling but Richard Heart had an almost two year wait for the launch of Pulsechain and Pulsex, so this was was a walk in the park.

Now, I want everyone to check out the 9Inch Gitbook to prepare yourself for the launch of what will be the #1 DEX & Yield-farming platform for meme-coins, It's the mainstream DEX for PulseChain and Ethereum! Did you know you can also use 9Inch on the Pulsechain testnet? Get to it!

9inch will have a Pre-Farm Launch:

In the first 24 hours the farms will not mint any $BBC. This is to give everybody the opportunity to build their position and start at the same time. No one gets an outsized advantage by being first.

During the first 24 hours LP providers will earn fees only. After 24 hours, all farmers will earn fees and $BBC

If You Would Like to Meet Me and Join Us For the 9Inch Launch Party and PoorPleb Bday. Here is the location for the 4th of November. It is just outside the town of Windsor, which is just 30 minutes by train from London.

Metamask Pulled From The App Store and Then Quickly Added Again!

Regarding Metamask, our very own Ben Dubard and Anabell Hilarski put together a beautiful PDF of how to install Metamask. This is just the first of many PDF’s coming to the No Permissions Patreon. The price for all PDF’s will be $5 but if you are a member of our Patreon they will be FREE.

Bitcoin Holding The Line.

The battle for the Green Aurox Indicator continues for Bitcoin. Currently we have lost it but Bitcoin is resilient and is holding the line. Hopefully this week with the bullish energy of the new moon, BTC and push back above the upper trend line. The magic number for the Green Aurox Indicator is around $27,600. If we can’t reclaim that position then it is possible we will see $25k BTC before the next leg up. Personally I am hoping for the higher trend line being recovered, because frankly I am tired of this bear market.

If we dip to $25k I expect BTC will have a very good November.

Don’t Forget To Sign Up For The No Permissions Patreon Before The End Of October To Qualify For The Nope Token Airdrop.

NOPE Token Coming To Pulsechain.