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  • Illusions All Around Us and AI is at The Forefront of The Ruse.

Illusions All Around Us and AI is at The Forefront of The Ruse.

3 Personal Stories of Deception Carried Out in My Name Using AI.

Illusions All Around Us and AI is at The Forefront of The Ruse.

Over the last week I have dealt with some alarming cases of deception being carried out in my name with the use of artificial intelligence. Although I am a big fan of the possibilities of AI. I am dismayed that one of the first uses of it have been to harm others by stealing another persons persona in order to fleece unknowing individuals.

In this No Permissions post I am going to tell you how nefarious individuals used my persona in order to attempt to financially harm my followers and friends. Watch the video below to get an idea how upset I am.

Warning AI Generated Profiles of Me Going Around Trying To Steal From You! 3 Personal Stories of Deception Carried Out in My Name Using AI.

How Are Thieves Using AI To Attempt Theft Using AI?

  • Voice modeling- Thieves will input your voice into an AI tool and get it to say anything it wants in your voice. For example they can demand ransom money by pretending to be your child or loved one in distress.

  • Text based- Thieves will write you, pretending to know you by researching your public profiles and then use my persona with a fake social media account to ask you for money, crypto, or something I have not thought of yet.

  • Video based- Thieves will input your video content into an AI tool that will say anything the thieves want it to say. This is where the term “Deep Fakes” came from. Prepare yourselves, if you thought they fooled you with the moon landing, just wait until fake versions of ourselves are destroying the real personas by stealing from the masses and destroying reputations.

This is just the beginning of this war. The thieves are always looking for an edge and sadly the naive public is too busy watching sports and Netflix to care enough about the tsunami of falsehood that is going to befall them. My readers on the other hand will not have any excuse. I am here to inform you about what is already here and what is coming on the horizon.

Bitcoin Tumbles and I Do Not Think It Is Done yet.

If you have been following me for any length of time, you know that I have been pessimistic about the crypto markets for almost 2 years. Yes, I have been bullish on Pulsechain but the overall crypto markets I remain a bear.

Here are a few reasons why I believe we are not out of the bear market yet.

  • The Jubilee Year does not end until September 17th.

  • The Aurox Indicator is Red on the weekly for Bitcoin and Ethereum. See the chart down below.

  • The Federal Reserve is sticking to the narrative the inflation is still running too hot and will continue to raise rates.

  • The overall economy is looking bubbly and the general markets could tumble which will take crypto with it.

The Aurox Indicator is Red for Bitcoin and Ethereum on The Weekly.

We will be taking action around mid September. We have not selected an exact date yet, but we will be sure to inform the No permissions Telegram with a Strategy call when we do. We invite you to join us today. As you can tell I am moving my persona private for good reasons. It will be much harder for the thieves to steal from you in my name if they have don’t have access to the content for free.

Until Next Week!