The Bull VS. Bear Fight is ON For Crypto

The Bull is Winning but the Bear is not going down easily.

The Bull VS. Bear Fight is On for Crypto.

The Bull in Crypto is Winning But The Bear is Not Going Down Easily.

As you know I shorted Bitcoin a few days before the announcement of the Bitcoin ETF approvals. It was one of the easiest trades I ever made. The more info you have regarding whichever way a trade is going, the better chance you have of gaining the result you desire.

Here are a few things to consider running up to the Bitcoin ETF announcements the Perma-Bulls failed to mention.

a. It was a Buy The Rumor, Sell The News event.

b. Everybody and their Milk Men was talking about Bitcoin.

c. The RSI and the chart was overbought.

d. If you were bearish you were called crazy.

e. The bull cycle is just getting heated up and the move was too early.

f. The Bitcoin Halving is in April.

Take Look at This Bitcoin Chart from Aurox.

The Aurox indicator Turned Red On The Weekly 1 Week Before the Pump and Dump.

If you followed the Aurox Indicator on the Aurox charts you would have seen the incoming pullback. It really is not rocket science. I am not the smartest person in the world. I just use the tools at my disposal.

What comes next for Bitcoin and greater crypto?

Well, Bitcoin will likely bottom out here but I would not get too optimistic until you see a green Aurox indicator on the weekly. A good DCA here would not hurt because Bitcoin is still green on the monthly Aurox Indicator which signals that the bull market is still in play. We just need the weekly signal to return green. Then I believe we will have a pullback again in March, possibly at the end of February if the whales start their whales games early this cycle.

Pulsechain Rolled Up Over The Last Week and Was Not Taking Names.

Pulsechain Made Serious Moves This Week!

We are back! Pulsechain is back above sac rate, Pulsex is on its way to sac rate, and INC token pumped the most. Even NOPE doubled in value over the last 10 days. Bonded liquidity is a real thing!

The image below is one of hundreds that HEXIcans were posting across social media. It sure felt good to be in the green!

Too The Dismay of HEX and Pulsechain Maxi’s I Will Also Talk About TitanX.

The end of TitanX was foretold by many naysayers over the last month. Many claimed that this week would see a collapse in the price of TitanX and the end of the supposed ponzi. Wow, nothing could be further from the truth. The supposed red candles never came and we saw the first dapp built on top of TitanX called DragonX launch. It was a beautiful thing to see almost 1 Trillion TitanX get swapped for DragonX.

As many more projects gear up to launch on TitanX I would prepare your ETH and TitanX bags for the onslaught of ways to leverage your position.

If you want to participate in protocols like TitanX but do not know where to start then I recommend joining us on the NO Permissions Patreon. Each week we have two strategy calls where we discuss ways to grow our crypto bags. These calls have not only changed my crypto position strategy but also many others who are doing very well. Join Us!