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  • The HEX and Pulsechain Communities are Everywhere Across Social Media.

The HEX and Pulsechain Communities are Everywhere Across Social Media.

Join the Best Community in Crypto.

The Omnipresent Nature of The HEX Community.

When I first began my HEX journey in December of 2019 I had no idea what I was getting myself into. The Youtube algorithm served me the video below in October of 2019 and my life has never been without HEX since. This was the crypto I had been searching for since I bought my first Bitcoin in January of 2014.

The Richard I was watching in 2020 is a much different man publicly than he was early on. The guy reminded me of a Drill Sergeant, or in my case as a sailor a Company Commander. He would tell us that we were not putting the work in, that we were dummies, and many other less eloquent words. Richard whipped our sorry asses in shape for an epic run to 10,000X for HEX


How I Imagine The Early Days of HEXico. This is Exactly What I Did in Bootcamp!

For the first time in Crypto history, we had a finished crypto product that I felt that I could be proud of. When the crypto elite (douchebags) called it a scam and proceeded to cancel me and any other crypto OG for mentioning it, I knew I was onto something.

The Blooming of The HEX Livestreamers.

Throughout the history of HEX we have had two principle ways to communicate. We had livestreaming and of course CryptoTwitter. We as a community are relentless. At times you can find someone livestreaming at any hour of the day. This dedication, even in the bear market, has helped propel us to the forefront of the the crypto community.

As 2022-23 has come along we have grown exponentially in accounts as well across social media. We now have a blossoming community of content creators on Instagram and of course TikTok. This has led to a surge of new followers for example see my Twitter and Youtube growth below.

Randy Hilarski Growth on Twitter.

Randy Hilarski Youtube Growth.

Now some might argue that focussing on such a small market, like HEX and Pulsechain limits my opportunity for growth. I understand the argument from a marketers perspective, but I am betting on the fact that the silo of the Pulsechain ecosystem will draw millions of new users to cryptocurrency over the next decade. The early adopters are going to reap massive benefits in not just wealth, but also prestige online. Similar to Bitcoin OG’s like Trace Mayer, who I considered a friend until he disappeared from the public internet.

So if you are having difficulty in committing to helping the HEX and Pulsechain community with content, understand that it is one of the wisest things I have done in my crypto journey.

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