An Epic Week for The Pulsechain and HEX Ecosystem.

HEX More Than Doubles, Mintra Launched, And 9INCH Announced Their Launch Party.

Just Like That, The Pulsechain and HEX Ecosystem are Happy Again!

Let it Begin! Since I began my Schmita series in September 2022 I have been publicly saying that the cryptocurrency market would rebound at the end of the Jubilee year and I also thought that Pulsechain could lead the upcoming bull market in cryptocurrency.

Key Takeaways in Cryptocurrency This Last Week.

  • Fake Blackrock ETF approval Tweet sends Bitcoin soaring. Yet, I look around and say, “Was it fake, or just an insider that pulled the trigger too early?”

  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) dropped securities-violations charges against fintech company Ripple’s top leaders.

  • Due to the above, I believe the HEX community has been emboldened. eHEX has now passed $.01 in value marking a 261% run in 7 days. Will we have parity between HEX and eHEX?

  • Mintra launched and has floundered. Could it be how the liquidity was handled, the long wait, or just that the NFT world is struggling at the moment? I am quite disappointed in this one. The launch of the platform will be next week. Hopefully that is the spark the causes the project to gain attention.

  • Fetch code issue causes slight delay for Liquid Loans, which in turn also causes a delay for Power City.

  • 9Inch should be here very soon. My interview with Qeno the Lead Dev was cancelled due to his workload. Hexy Bastard is streaming on Sunday and I will be streaming with him on Monday.

My Take on The HEX Rise.

We have not seen a move like this in HEX since early in 2023. The difference this time is the speculation is not about Pulsechain launching but rather preparation for an upcoming crypto bull cycle. Grandpa Bitcoin and HEX are leading the way in the crypto world this week. Folks, this is shock and awe crypto style.

Now, I would caution you to FOMO buy here. We have had seven straight days of green for eHEX. If I was a leverage trader I would likely put a short position in here at $.011. We are due for a normal pullback. No worries, we all know what HEX can do. So do like me, buy HEX, Stake HEX, and enjoy your life. If you do not have 100 T-Shares, I would focus on accomplishing that first.

Panama Updates.

Our No Permissions event is still on hold until the crypto markets realize a healthy pump. Until then, I posted an article about the Best Places to Live in Panama. One of the most common questions I receive is where a person should live in this beautiful country. This country has a beautiful city, beach areas, mountain towns, jungle retreats, coffee farms, farm areas, and islands. I will tell you what I tell everyone. You have to live somewhere for an extended period of time before committing to buying property. Why not check out many different areas and just rent? Buying is so overrated in this uncertain world.

Next week we leave for a six week long trip to the UK and Western Europe. We look forward to meeting many of you. If you have not picked up tickets to the 9Inch launch party and Poorpleb Bday party, make sure to grab them quickly. See you there!