Icosahedron in The Halls of Crypto Knowledge.

If You Stake Icosa and Hedron You Will Make It.

Icosahedron in the halls of crypto knowledge.

If You Stake Icosa and Hedron You Will Make It.

Time is skipping along at such a fast pace that it seems surreal that Hedron launched just over a year ago. I remember thinking that the airdrop was an amazing gift to HEX stakers but the idea was flawed because there was no real reason for me to hold the token long term. So I did what many HEX OG’s did, I took the tokens and swapped them for HEX. At the time I did not see the benefit in the HSI auctions.

So I proceeded to FUD Hedron as people were saying Hedron was going to moon. My experience has taught me to sell when everyone is screaming moon and to buy when everyone is writhing in pain.

Then in September of 2022 the reason to hold Hedron appeared. It was called Icosa! I went big, early on, in Icosa. I bought overpriced Icosa and staked it, not caring that I greatly over payed for this unproven token. All I knew was that I would be earning massive yield as an early adopter.

How To Earn Yield in Icosa and Hedron.

  1. Stake Hedron to earn Icosa.

  2. Stake Icosa to earn more Icosa and Hedron.

Icosa (ICSA) is a protocol which builds upon the Hedron protocol to add HDRN staking and additional incentives for staking HEX as well as jumpstarting the Hedron borrowing system. Icosa is built by the same team behind the Hedron protocol, ensuring seamless integration.

Here Serena Alonzi Shows You How To Use The Icosa Platform to Stake Icosa and Hedron.

I Think Icosa is The One Of The Top Long Term Crypto Plays.

First I have to disclose that I am a shark in the Icosa ecosystem. Icosa is my second largest holding. HEX is, and will continue to be my main focus and I recommend the same for anyone who is still working on building their crypto bags.

Icosa inflation has been coming in hot over the last 4 months as two large batches of HSI auctions have completed. This means that many new tokens were coming to market but these tokens have been largely staked to take advantage of the massive yield earned for staking our Icosa.

Icosa came out the gate earning over 300% APY and has steadily calmed down to a more realistic 100% or so APY. I guess that is an ok percentage of yield. My bank is offering 4%.

According to the Icosa ceiling price calculator on the LookIntoHedron website. The current price of ICSA has a 75% discount to the ceiling price. Anytime Icosa drops to this price level I believe it is a great opportunity to fill up our bags and stake them.

Icosa Ceiling Price in Relation to the HEX price and Tshare rate.

I want to remind everyone of how I look at crypto opportunities. When everyone is looking one way, I look the other way. At this current time, due to the upcoming Pulsechain fork, I think the attention has been taken off of Icosa and Hedron. If you are looking at a good copy to receive on Pulsechain, both of these will likely be good candidates of ERC-20’s to receive, as liquidity will be added quicker than most other tokens because of their relationship to HEX.

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