The HEX Balloon is Ready to Take Off!

The HEX and Pulsechain Ecosystem is Exploding With New Projects.

The HEX Balloon is Ready To Take Off!

The HEX Balloon is Ready to Take Off!

Over the last two months we have seen the HEX price rise from $.0178 to a peak of $.073, depending on what chart you are looking at. Yes, most of this FOMO is related to the imminent launch of Pulsechain Testnet V3 but there are plenty of other factors involved.

What Else Can Be Causing HEX to Pump?

One factor that does not receive enough credit is that the crypto market as a whole has enjoyed an amazing few months. Bitcoin and Ethereum had beautiful bounces off their recent low prices after the collapse of FTX in November. This positive price movement has helped set HEX free. Even if HEXicans do not like to admit it, crypto going up eased the minds of everyone. Group think is a powerful motivator to get off of the sidelines.

We also had the SEC attacking stablecoins. This assault caused many investors to ditch their stables and jump into the market once again. Nothing like fear of loosing your stack of stablecoins to motivate a person to put their money back into the supposed riskier assets. As a family that has over 90% of our assets in the HEX and Pulsechain ecosystem, we are forced to ride out the markets. I do not think we would be where we are if I had the opportunity to dump my tokens on every dip for the supposed safety of stablecoins.

Follow The Whales.

When it comes to the markets for smaller investors, likely you and I. It would behoove us to follow the whales. Do not do what the media is telling you to do! The easiest way to get REKT is to follow someone like Jim Kramer. Do the opposite of what the media says, and you will likely be ok. When the markets were tanking, companies like Blackrock were moving into the crypto space. I might not like the company, but following their moves gives us a sneak peak into the future of the markets.

The Pulsechain Ecosystem Is Expanding at Breakneck Speed.

Just this week we had multiple projects announced.

  • Phiat and Phamous will not have a DEX called PHux. It is a fork of Balancer on Ethereum. There will be an airdrop to all Phiat and Phamous sac addresses. There is also talks to airdrop to sacrificers of Pulsechain and Pulsex. Stay Tuned.

  • The Maximus DAO Team announced Pool Party. A community owned platform empowering people and communities to launch their own trustless HEX stake pools. If you like tokens like MAXI and DECI. Now you can make your own!

  • Stakehouse from the Magic Carpet Ride team. You have the ability to pool you HEX stakes to help mitigate the cost of Ethereum fees. Hedron will be paid out as part of the pooled HEX stakes. Learn more by watching this video. Stakehouse - What is It?

Optimus KevTron Speaks His Mind on ETHereum Fees.

Richard Heart Announces That We No Longer Stake HEX, But Mine It Instead.

I understand why he shifted the wording. This does make sense when three letter agencies are on the hunt for anything that uses the word staking. HEX is definitely different than other protocols. We burn our HEX for something called a T-share, that we can redeem on a set date in the future for some newly minted HEX.

Aurox Indicator Update For Mar 4th for The No Permissions Newsletter.

Update to The No Permissions Patreon Group.

I have a new Patreon Tier for those who want a monthly one to one with me as well as guidance through their crypto, expat journey, etc. We can talk about anything that suites you. The cost is $250 a month and we have 7 slots remaining.

Also the $19.99 tier no longer includes the 30 minute phone call, for the time being. I found that too many people were missing the scheduled calls. I still have a handful remaining and have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know so many of you.

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