Are You Laser Focused On The Prize?

Don't Let The Worlds Distractions Pull Your Focus Away!

Don't Let The Worlds Distractions Pull Your Focus Away From The Crypto Prize!

A Solar Eclipse is Around The Corner. Are You Keeping Your Eyes Focused On The Crypto Bear Market Turning Bullish or Are You Following The MSM Daily Clown Show?

This last week was full of doozies. If you spent any amount of time following mainstream media. You could almost think that the end of the world is nigh. Personally I choose to watch from afar. Each day I watch and listen to my chosen media to keep up to date on the traditional markets as well as take in a few crypto shows to keep up to date with what is happening in the most volatile market on earth.

If after two years of absolute lies surrounding the invisible enemy that was used as an excuse to shut down the planet, lock us in our homes and inject a large percentage of the world with a DNA altering, untested, BS jab and you still do not understand that the media is being used to steer our minds like a bridle on a horse. Then sadly, this newsletter is of no use to you. Please close now and return to your regularly scheduled dosage of nonsense.

Now for the rest of you who have eyes that are open to information, then I welcome you. The barrage of negative propaganda being hurled at the very susceptible human race is way beyond anything I could have imagined. It seems everyday we are told another quarter truth that we have to somehow compute and spit it back out as truth. The world is getting really weird and it is up to us whether or not we accept and get distracted by the, ‘Flavor of The Month’!


There is a Prize to Be Had If You Can Tune Out The Noise.

Right now, as I write this post, there is a concerted effort in the United States to smash the embers of a crypto market. For those of us who have been here from the early years of Bitcoin and even earlier in Gold and Silver. We have a message for you. The US bankers are really good at fudding you out of your holdings and then buying up those same holdings for themselves. If you let them, they will have a majority stake in all of your favorite cryptos and will have the power to hold the prices in check like they have with Gold and Silver since the early 80’s. Their ETF’s are coming, Prepare accordingly!

If you have the superhuman power of keeping focused on the prize that is beyond the next ten valleys, then you will deserve every bit of fortune that lies waiting for you at the distant mountain top. I know it is difficult, but that is why we need a strong community.

Time to shill our No Permissions Patreon, where we lean on each other for knowledge, strength, and a place to share our thoughts on the state of the crypto market. We are also doing an airdrop of our own token $NOPE 30 days after the 9 Inch DEX launches. The goal is to give back to everyone who has been a member by repaying their fees on Patreon. We also have Single-Sided Staking on the 9 Inch Dex and possibly a pool on PHUX in the future.

Don’t forget that this week we will be entering the New Moon phase of the moon cycle and we have a solar eclipse on the 14th of October.

Bitcoin and Pulsechain Market Looking Bullish.