The Pulsechain Delay Angry Undertone is Palpable!

Everyday that we do not have an answer to the Ethereum GWEIpocalype brings the HEX community closer to meltdown.

The Pulsechain Delay Angry Undertone is Palpable!

The Pulsechain Delay Angry Undertone is Palpable!

Everyday that we do not have an answer to the Ethereum GWEIpocalype, brings the HEX community closer to meltdown.

Holy moly, we are hitting a wall here with Ethereum gas fees. The average GWEI is now 85! As a HEX stakers it is making it less likely for HEX stakes to be ended, Hedron to be minted, Icosa stakes to be minted, or new stakes of all kinds being made.

This all translates into, we need Pulsechain yesterday!

I have onboarded multiple people into the HEX community over the last few months but I have to be frank with them. Buy MAXI (Maximus DAO) on the Ethereum chain as the future is looking dismal for HEX on that chain. MAXI and the other perpetuals are the only tokens within the ecosystem that make sense at this time.

Now, if Pulsechain enters the scene then everything I said above goes out the window. MAXI, then becomes an optional play, not a priority. Going forward I will be buying MAXI on Ethereum like a fiend, but on Pulsechain HEX stakes become affordable again.

The HEX community is feeling the pressure right now. If we did not have Pulsechain to look forward to I would be the first one to say that HEX would struggle going forward. I do not know what the Ethereum team has coming to market. I just base this opinion on what we have currently.

This has all led to a HEX community that is a anticipating the pressure valve release known as Pulsechain. It can’t come soon enough. Any staking protocol on Ethereum right now is suffering.

Let’s Talk Health

Recently I was asked to write about supplements that I am adding to my regimen. The first group that I would like to talk about are the handful of Anti-aging supplements that I use on a regular basis. This topic is growing in popularity so I thought it would be worthy of the first health discussion.

NMN Nicotinamide Mono Nucleotide- Recent research has suggested that NMN supplementation may have anti-aging effects, improving longevity and healthy aging. Clinical trials have shown that NMN supplements can increase NAD+ levels, which decline with age, and may reduce DNA damage, oxidative stress, and inflammation. Some studies have also suggested that NMN may improve brain health, sleep, and muscle function, and may have potential as a treatment for obesity, diabetes, and cancer.

I take NMN in the am with along with the below supplements and a spoonful of extra virgin olive oil. I noticed an increase with stamina.

Due to the FDA this supplement can not be purchased on Amazon at this time. I buy directly from Probase Nutrition.

Resveratrol- Some studies have shown that it may play a role in reducing inflammation, improving cardiovascular health, and even combating certain types of cancer. This one has been around for many years. If you ever heard about drinking red wine for longevity, this is the supplement they are talking about. I buy Trans-Reveratrol on Amazon from Probase Nutrition.

Quercetin- Being an antioxidant, it helps neutralize free radicals in our bodies, resulting in reduced inflammation and oxidative stress. Numerous studies have linked quercetin to positive effects on exercise performance, blood pressure, and blood sugar regulation.

Studies have found that quercetin can help improve insulin sensitivity and reduce blood sugar levels, thereby making it a natural and helpful addition to my diet. I buy quercetin on Amazon.

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