The Bull is Back on Pulsechain!

Nope Token is Pushing Forward.

The Bull is Back on Pulsechain, NOPE Token is Pushing Forward!

Wow, what a New Moon it has been! We have not seen numbers like this in a long time. For a few days the Pulsechain ecosystem was pumping like we were in the middle of a full on bull market.

Just a day before I was warning people that Bitcoin was topping out and then it would pullback on the ETF announcement. I actually pulled out my trading skills for this one and opened a 5X leveraged position. This was a buy the rumor, sell the news event that I could not pass up. I was hearing stories of families discussing the approval of the Bitcoin ETF’s around the Christmas table. This was a huge warning sign to me.

I also had a personal story when my Step Father mentioned that his Brother and his son were discussing that Bitcoin was a great opportunity now. I laughed when he told me. The best opportunity to buy Bitcoin in this cycle was just over 18 months ago. If you follow me, you know that I buy deep red candles and sell the green candles when everyone says something is going to the moon.

My Opinion About The Banksters Co-Opting Bitcoin and Soon Ethereum.

As a long time gold and silver bug I know the feeling when the Gov, SEC, and Bankers come in and launch their ETF’s. When these people come in, the excitement for me goes cold.

They have been accumulating Bitcoin for years. My former client was a Bitcoin miner who had many clients on Wall Street. They would sell all of their Virgin Bitcoin at a nice premium because Wall Street only wanted, non-transacted BTC. They were doing this back in 2018-2021. I imagine it is still a practice today.

So how does this play out for Ethereum? My guess is that the next big pump will be Ethereum as there are already requests for ETF’s for the crypto asset. This means, in my opinion, that Ethereum could pass Bitcoin in market cap this bull cycle. I am also speculating that the top of this bull market will be the approval of the Ethereum ETF.

I believe that the days of massive gains for Bitcoin are behind us. The opportunity now lies in alt coins, well that has been true for many years. So it is time to learn about other ecosystems like Pulsechain where true DEFI is still available to everyone with the opportunity to make massive gains.

Panama Updates.

I had a meeting with my friend David last week and he is putting the final touches on his real estate project. The bridge that will cut the trip from Panama City to the area from 3 hours to 1 hour is almost done. I can’t wait to unveil this to the community. This project will no only be about owning your own 5 hectare or 11 acre farm but it also leads to Permanent Panama residency and if desired, citizenship.

My personal citizenship update is that I have completed my interview and now I have to wait a year for the process to complete. The last step is a written history test. This week I had to write an essay in Spanish as to why I want to be a citizen. I literally channeled my 4 years of high school Spanish.

We talk about Panama in the No Permissions Patreon and Telegram. Don’t miss out. Our community has so many skills and knowledge.