My Journey Through Crypto Time.

Transitioning From The HODL Mindset to Being a Liquidity Provider

Looking Back at My Bitcoin HODL Mindset and Having Fond Memories of a Day Now Far Behind Me.

Transitioning From The Bitcoin HODL Mindset to Being a Liquidity Provider in Decentralized Finance.

It seems like ages ago when I first learned and wrote about Bitcoin back in September 2011. My partner Mike and I used to ride to work together every day and discuss ways to grow our financial assets. You see, we were in charge of marketing for a company that sold precious metals. Bitcoin, to us, seemed like a natural progression of the world financial system. We both knew that digital currencies were going to become a normal part of our lives in the future and getting in on the ground floor made sense.

My Crypto Past

The first time we talked about buying Bitcoin the price was a paltry $7. For some reason, we never pulled the trigger. Instead I kept buying Silver all the way to the top of $42. What a colossal mistake we both made. Every time we see each other, to this day, we still reminisce about that error in judgement.

Fast forward to 2014 my wife and I plunged head first into Bitcoin after selling my house in Rochester, New York. We took what little was left, after the tax man took their ill gotten slice, and we bought our first Bitcoins. This was the beginning of the first long bear market for BTC and I had a wonderful time learning, making mistakes, trading on leverage, losing my ass, trusting scoundrels, and earning Bitcoin for marketing jobs. If I would have listened to my acquaintance Trace Mayer and chose to HODL my Bitcoin I would have been very, very wealthy in 2017. Trace taught me that if I did not hold my Bitcoin, they were not mine.

Instead of HODLing, I chose to chase ICO’s and coins that I had no business being in. Thankfully we made out like bandits because we chose to work in the industry and my wife and I helped over 40 projects in those years. It was both a blessing and a headache. We were able to meet some amazing people, but the majority were just driven by greed. When 2017 passed and many friends became very wealthy, we never heard from them again.

My Crypto Present.

Then came the years of HEX where I learned from Richard Heart the parts of crypto that I had not fully grasped yet. He introduced me to the idea of delayed gratification. If I take my tokens and lock them up for a period of time, I have no temptation to sell them. He also taught us that we should not be using middle men. Since the launch of HEX we have not used a centralized exchange besides our bank to off board crypto into fiat. HEX changed our lives exponentially!

Don’t miss the HEX conference, going on all weekend. I will be speaking at 8pm EST on Monday night.

I am Speaking On Monday Night at 8pm EST for The 4TH HEX Conference.

My Crypto Future.

There is something happening that is changing my perspective of crypto entirely. We have reached that level in crypto where we can participate in DEFI (Decentralized Finance) with a portion of our portfolio.

One of my friends is a top ten liquidity provider in Pulsechain and he is doing so well, that I was convinced to give it a go. At first I was quite nervous because I was always told that impermanent loss is a problem and I personally did not want to lose my beloved bags of crypto that way. Now that I have played with liquidity providing, I have learned that with a little training we can avoid most of the pitfalls in liquidity providing. Now we have about 10% of our total holdings providing liquidity in farms, pools, and concentrated liquidity.

I recommend that everyone should learn about liquidity in order to learn how to enter or exit positions with the least amount of effect on the price of any given asset on the blockchain.

Here is a great series I recommend everyone watch. It was put together by our friend Crypto Sloth. He is a honorable man in the world of crypto.

I like liquidity providing because it provides me a way to earn a predictable amount of crypto daily as well as a way to DCA into projects that I like. It also gives me more control over my positions because I no longer need to rely on crypto founders, teams, fomo, fud, as way to move markets. Liquidity providers make more crypto in every situation. That is what I call a winning strategy. So I recommend 2024 be the year you learn how to truly be the decentralized bank.

NOPE Token and The Year of The Dragon.

NOPE token has been live for less than a month and I am still mind blown by the community support of Pulsechain. The airdrop for NOPE went out to less than 400 people and they have largely held their bags in support of the price. The traders have come and gone but now it is time for the community.

We will soon begin our marketing efforts to drive new users to Pulsechain. This week we hired an ai writer, image creator, and a Ben Dubard has agreed to expand his role in No Permissions to include writing articles about crypto. All of this leads to adoption of the NOPE token.

If you want inside access to what our community is up to, I recommend joining No Permissions on Patreon today. We have twice weekly strategy calls and an ongoing Telegram conversation that is informative and a little on the edge. We welcome anyone who has an interest in crypto.