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  • An Old School Crypto Guys Predictions for Crypto and The World in 2024.

An Old School Crypto Guys Predictions for Crypto and The World in 2024.

Randy Hilarski Sounds Off His Predictions for 2024 While Sipping on a Bailey's on The Rocks.

An Old School Crypto Guys Predictions for Crypto and The World in 2024.

What Can We Expect in 2024. Randy Hilarski Sounds Off!

Can you feel the energy? People are showing their optimism for 2024! I can’t help but join in the fervor. Who can blame the world? In 2020 we were hoodwinked by the Pharmaceutical industrial complex, in 2021 all the major currencies were nuked with inflation and many people thought they made it financially, in 2022 all of the inflation came home to roost, in 2023 we were able to catch our breath, albeit with a healthy dose of skepticism. On top of this the geopolitical drama continues as Ukraine lost favor to a Decem Mellenniuum war, and a border as porous as a cheese cloth. Just keep cheering for your chosen sides and ignoring the fact that they are hiring non-citizen police in California.

LOL, yes I took Latin in school. I used Google but I figured I would shill the quality of my public school indoctrination. Thank you Rochester City School District for all you did for me. It isn’t like that anymore but one can wax nostalgic of their childhood.

If You Have Not, 2024 Might Be The Time To Turn Your Attention to You and Yours!

The people who want to continue their ruling streak want nothing more than for you to focus on their dramas, distractions, and agendas. I would like nothing more than 2024 to be the year where the world said no more? Let’s turn our backs on what they want you to perceive as important, and instead why not get back to basics? Let’s start with our families and friends. I think the world could use a large dose of forgiveness and a heap of love.

There is a method to my madness. I know, it sounds crazy to prioritize our communities and families because certain movements over the last 60 years have done everything they can to undermine the foundation of what makes a community. I frankly don’t care what subset of your community you are in. Their goal is to upset and fragment connectivity among people. If you feel alone in this world, this could be the cause. It is time to repair and rebuild if we want any chance to survive the onslaught that their agendas will provoke in the coming decade.

Some will call me old-fashioned but I am just old enough to remember nightly meals with my family, visiting relatives on Tuesday nights, youth group on Friday nights, and church on Sundays. We were also on a first name basis with all of our neighbors, shared our tiny backyard crops, shoveled driveways for $10, and we were courteous with anyone we happened to have an interaction with on a daily basis. Then when we had a disagreement with the kid down the street, we beat the crap out of each other and then played basketball together the following day, while I nursed a black eye. It was all ok because I was asked a simple question, “Did the other guy look worse?”

We can repair society but it will take pairing down our selfishness and looking outward towards our fellow man or woman.

Randy’s 2024 Predictions for Cryptocurrency.

Well, here we are, 2023 is wrapping up nicely. It is almost if I called the rebound for the markets and crypto on the day. I had been saying since 2022 that we would not see a recovery until the Jubilee year ended on Rosh Hashanah 2023, which was in September. Since then Bitcoin and Ethereum have been running as well as a decent amount of other lesser known cryptos.

Let’s Revisit a few of my 2023 calls.

The Good-

  1. HEX $.12 top in January.

  2. Selling Pulsechain, Pulsex, HEX and all other liquid crypto assets in July due to the Blue Moon coming in August. Ouch for hodlers!

  3. Buying back after the Jubilee year ended in September.

The Bad-

  1. Pulsechain to the moon at launch. We had a 3X then bridge folly, Pulsex not paying LP fees, SEC shenanigans.

  2. 9Inch, more like 2Inch. Now, I wait to see if they can deliver on the marketing.

  3. The PH ecosystem including Phiat, Phux, Phame. I did not expect this much pain.

  4. ICOSA, and Hedron what is Alex up to?

  5. All sacrifices are down from the sac rates considerably. I expected at least a few to flourish.

It is really early to make predictions for crypto in 2024 but I will do my best.

a. Bitcoin will rise and then fall on the announcement of the approved Bitcoin ETF. The closer the announcement comes to the Bitcoin halving, the harder the pullback will be. We could see low $30k BTC again. If the FED loses control of the narrative we could see even lower prices before new all time highs in late 2024.

b. We will see Ethereum ETF’s on the stage next. This could be the top signal for this Crypto bull cycle. Ethereum could finally replace Bitcoin as the king of Market Cap. Ethereum will become unusable and will have to become a store of value.

c. The SEC narrative of targeting crypto companies will be seen as just another farce by a 3 letter agency to do the bidding of their bankster overlords.

d. Richard Heart will become a darling of crypto as he goes head to head with the SEC over their agenda to protect the banks.

e. Pulsechain will begin its emergence as the best Layer 1 EVM. If Richard fights the SEC the price of Pulsechain and its ecosystem will lag behind the greater crypto market. If Richard capitulates and pays the bribe to the SEC, Pulsechain will likely go bonkers in upward price movement. The community will continue building.

f. Fantastic projects will be built on top of TitanX, which will nuke the supply. Therein causing the price of TitianX to fend off the inflation from the miners. TitanX can be found on Ethereum.

NOPE Token is Live and The Future of No Permissions in 2024!

A few weeks back we launched NOPE on Pulsechain. We had the best first 12 hours for a token in the short history of Pulsechain. We launched with a 48X but we settled at a more manageable 5X where we have been hovering around for two weeks. 35% of the supply has been airdropped to the No Permissions Patreon group.

The goal was to thank the community for their support over the first year and reimburse them for their Patreon fees. Everyone is sitting pretty and some are earning BBC rewards on 9INCH using their NOPE paired with Pulsechain or 9Inch. This week we also launched a NOPE/PLS pair on 9mm.pro where users can earn a future 9mm token airdrop for being liquidity providers. Soon we will be launching a pool on Phux.io.

Below is an example of the type of content we will be creating for NOPE. We aim to reach out to communities around the world who are fighting the good fight against tyranny of any kind. I don’t want to give too many details out publicly, but we aim to be one of the bigger onboarding tools for the Pulsechain ecosystem.

Happy New Years to All Of You!

From me and my family I want to wish all of you a healthy and prosperous 2024. Keep your heads on a swivel and please stop watching mainstream media for your mental health and mine.