The Crypto Market Streets Are Red!

Did You Listen and Ditch Your USDC?

The Crypto Market Streets Are Red!

The Crypto Market Streets Are Red!

Over the last few weeks we have seen this sucker’s rally catch many crypto pundits off guard. We were hearing reports that this bear market was different and that the bear was behind us. I admit that I was starting to doubt my opinion that we were still in a bear market. Now, it is clear that it was wise to stick to my position.

The Psychological Pitfalls of a Market Cycle.

The Psychological Pitfalls of a Market Cycle by Visual Capitalist.

I personally believe that we are in the disbelief portion of the chart. People can not believe that we quite possibly could touch the recent lows once again, before we really begin the accumulation phase of the next bull market. Typically in the cryptocurrency market we begin the the first stage of Uncertainty shortly before the Bitcoin Halvening. Bitcoin's next halving is expected to arrive between March and May 2024, at block No. 210,000 starting from the previous halving, so at No. 840,000.

We are still more than a year before we reach this stage. I call this period, accumulation phase, because it is our last opportunity to pick up quality cryptocurrencies at discount prices.

If you are in HEX then you are feeling very good right now. Why?

  • HEX is a finished product.

  • No exposure to the banks going under.

  • HEX does not need Stablecoins to survive.

  • The smart contract has worked flawlessly for over 3 years.

I Do Have Some Worries for The Greater Crypto Market.

  • If Stablecoins go under, off-boarding to fiat will become much more difficult.

  • Projects that had their money in Stablecoins and in banks like Silvergate and Silicon Valley Bank.

  • This contagion could set back the growth of crypto market innovation.

  • Many of these tech companies and staff had large exposure to cryptocurrency which could mean a sell off is coming.

It is pretty simple for us. The vast majority of our assets are in HEX. The rest are in future projects like Pulsechain, Pulsex, Liquid Loans, and other Pulsechain related projects. This makes it pretty easy for us to sit back and watch the carnage. Sure, we will feel the pain to but I don’t see HEX going anywhere.

Aurox Indicator Update For Mar 4th.

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