What Defines Family In This Time of Upheaval?

Building a Tribe of Individuals Pursuing a Similar Passions is a Good Start!

What Defines Family?

What Defines Family In This Time Of Upheaval?

I know the answer is nuanced but I would argue that in times like this it is taking the time to build a tribe of individuals pursuing a similar passion. Common goals are the glue that binds people together and attracts others to want to be part of the family.

I want to tell you a story about what has transpired over the last week of the Hilarski’s lives. As many of you know, my son and I were under the weather with chest colds. So when Anabell heard that a group of our friends were heading to the beach town of Pedasi, Panama for three days she decided we needed to go as well. Soak up the sun, play in the ocean, admire the full moon, and just have a good time with friends.

So I agreed, reluctantly, because I am not a fan of four hour road trips. First we stopped by the family farm where we were able to enjoy some time with Anabell’s inspiring Uncle. Then I was pulled over by a kind Police Officer and given a fine which we all know means, “Punishable with a fine means legal for a fee”.

We made it to Pedasi, Panama and checked into our hotel which looks over the cliffs onto the Pacific. The view is quite tranquil. The weather was perfect for a few days of rest.

It was perfect timing to enjoy the Full Moon. While the crypto markets were taking a dive, I had no access to my wallets. This is always a good thing. So I settled into my hammock and enjoyed some time by the pool with our friends.

The View from My Hammock.

HEX and Pulsechain Are The Common Thread.

This is when it gets special. There were eight of us in total that made the trip but we all had one giant thing in common. We are all HEXicans and we all are patiently waiting for Pulsechain to launch. This made for some fun conversations about our futures, dreams, and disappointments.

Over the course of the three days we met people from all walks of life who have decided to visit Panama for vacation or like me, make the move permanently. We had multiple countries represented. We had Canada, USA, Fiji, New Zealand, Panama, Colombia, and Scotland.

On the final day there were a group of German men who were hanging out by the pool. We introduced ourselves and they asked, “Are you all a family, because that is what it looks like?” I said, “Not genetically, but we are mentally”. I told them that HEX was the common thread that brought us all together. They asked, “Could we be part of the family”. I said, “of course”, and gave them the HEX.com website.

So in conclusion I believe it is not our genetics that strictly define who is our family but it is the common threads of our lives. What brought us together, what are the common goals and aspirations? Ever since HEX launched in 2019, my HEX family continues to impress me and gives me hope that we all have made an amazing decision to trust the smart contract.

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